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AriGameplays and the incendiary look of “little devil” with which it paralyzes TikTok

The streamer arigameplays became a trend in a new account on social networks after doing a sensual dance on a tiktok, in which she is seen wearing a very daring “little devil” outfit that her millions of followers loved, who were quick to to leave thousands of compliments in the comment box.

On his instagram account he has a little more than 11.7 million followers, but on tiktok he has more than 23 million. In addition to being a talented gamer, she has also become an influencer in fashion, makeup, gaming and even sports , which is why she has a large number of fans.

Surprised his fans:
The beautiful woman from monterrey danced in a short hoodie, a black bra, and black pants that allowed her to show off her charms . To finish off her little devil outfit, she wore a black horned headband. In the description of the clip she only wrote “Asumais”.

April Abdamari Garza Alonso was born on February 28, 1998 in Monterrey, Nuevo León. She began to upload video game content without the desire to become an influencer, but when she saw that her popularity grew, she decided to open a channel on Twitch in 2014 , where she has succeeded in recent years.

She often uploads material from games like Fornite, Overwatch, Minecraft, and Planet Coaster. She is married to Juan Sebastián Guarnizo , “Juan Granizo”, one of the most recognized in Latin America.

She was recently harassed on the beach:
At the end of last month, a subject harassed her for several minutes while she was on the beach with her friends, despite the fact that she asked him to leave or stay away from her, the subject insisted and remained in the place for several minutes. . All of this was recorded because she was doing a live broadcast when it happened.

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